A Woman of Courage


courage |ˈkərij; ˈkə-rij|
the ability to do something that frightens one: she called on all her courage to face
the ordeal

I love this particular definition of courage. I love that it isn’t claiming the absence of fear, but quite the opposite. This definition of courage is standing at the fork in the road and facing fear head on. One path is well lit and familiar, simple and easy, free of any major bumps or scary hairpin turns. The other path is dark and unknown, seemingly ominous, with no guarantees of an easy ride; not many people will choose this one. Courage is sizing up the two paths and picking the second.

The fear isn’t gone; in fact, it’s probably more real and tangible when standing on the edge of the unknown then ever before. No, courage is having the mind and spirit to face the difficultly, the potential danger, and the impending failure. Facing it prepared to fall, and picking yourself up again if and when you do.

bravery, pluck, intrepidity, daring, boldness, grit, heroism, spunk, guts

I want to be a woman of courage. I want to be able to tell my niece, my younger sister, the high school girls that I mentor, and (hopefully, one day) my children that I lived a bold, adventurous, courageous life. When I look at those words above, I only see one option. Cowardice is not in my vocabulary, so I guess that means that I’m choosing the road less traveled.

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