One Month

Today marks our one-month. It’s been a tumultuous relationship. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs in a short amount of time. But I guess that’s how you know a relationship is solid – when you’ve experienced both laughter and tears, yet you’re still in it. I’m talking about Chicago. She and I have been together for a solid 3o days now. A lot of fun has been packed into such a short amount of time. Friends have come and gone, concerts have been seen, new discoveries have been made, and more delicious food has been consumed than one person should be allowed to enjoy.


But we’ve also had some rough days. Timeline expectations have not been met, promising job prospects have fallen through, unwanted encounters have been experienced, and frustrations have definitely been felt. This isn’t a day-by-day question of how we’re doing – it’s more minute-by-minute. That’s a hard place to be at the beginning of a relationship.

Nonetheless, we’ve made a commitment to each other, Chicago and I. We’re in this together. Well, at least until my lease runs out. (Just kidding Mom, don’t get your hopes up!) When you make a commitment as serious as I have, you figure it out. I know we’ll iron out the kinks. It’s only the beginning after all. Looking at the big picture, a month is not that long. We’re still going strong. I love Chicago, and I’m excited to see what she has in store for me.

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