To My Arkansas Family

It’s possible to be completely and utterly delighted, satisfied and content with where you are, but to also be hopelessly homesick and yearning for another place. I’ve experienced both, sometimes simultaneously, since I moved to Chicago.

This should make all my Arkansas friends and family feel better. You may see my fun Instagram pics and read posts about my adventures in Chicago, which is just as fun as it looks, but you have not been forgotten. I think about you and miss you more than you know.

It comes in strange waves. The littlest of things will trigger a memory or thought of someone. It could be something as simple as walking to lunch and suddenly wishing I could be going with my standing lunch date; the woman who was my mentor and friend for two (very crucial) years. It could be wanting to curl up on the couch at the Laurel House, eat cupcakes and watch Project Runway with some of my favorite ladies. Or it could be a moment of senseless silliness and longing to share a laugh it with the two people who understand me the best and have been my biggest cheerleaders since the day I was born.

I love my job, but I miss aspects of my old one.

I’m thankful to have such wonderful co-workers, but I will be hard-pressed to find a work family as marvelous as the one I had at Fellowship.

There are an endless number of fun things to do in Chicago and I want to go and do and see them all; but I miss Saturday nights spent in sweatpants, sitting and talking and dreaming with some of the best friends a girl could ask for.

The busyness of the city gives me energy and life, but I miss the quiet and peaceful moments of the Ozarks.

I’m so happy and have no doubt I made the right move by coming to Chicago, but that doesn’t mean I don’t ache for home some days.

I miss ya’ll, but I’m doing well and happy here too.

Please do a virtual drop by. I love the occasional text or Facebook message. I promise to start doing a better job of doing the same when I think of you, which is often. Plus I’ll be home for Christmas! And I’m so looking forward to being able to “hug your neck”, as they say in the south. 🙂

Until then, praying for you. Miss you dearly.


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