I’m Going On An Adventure!

“So I had this idea…” I said after my dad picked up the phone. “Uh oh, where are you planning a trip to now?” I laughed. “Is it at least in the U.S.?” he probed. I laughed again. He knows me well.

If you know me well then you also know my insatiable passionate for travel. There’s nothing more romantic and fantastic than exploring an unfamiliar culture. It’s what makes my eyes sparkle and my heart sing; it fills me with unmatched energy and wonder. If I had my way I’d be on a plane exploring uncharted corners of the world almost every day.

That’s why when I jokingly said something about going to Europe for New Years to my roommate, I was only half kidding. I’d been yearning to be back in London since I left three years ago, and a friend had been coaxing me to visit her in Spain for about as long. Finally, the always elusive combination of travel necessities was at hand: I had time off and a little money saved. I needed to make it happen.

Before I made my decision I made that phone call to my dad. He had a valid point: Go. The longer you wait the harder it’s going to be to make it happen.

So we bought our plane tickets. And in a few short hours I’ll be boarding that plane to Europe. I’m beside myself with excitement! Five days in London, England, two days in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, and four days in Malaga, Spain.

I’m going on an adventure!!!

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