Enjoy the Precious Moments

I was having brunch with a close friend the other day, talking about dreams and plans like we always do, when he raised a good question. He’d read The Full {and Fearless} Life and he asked me how that translated into everyday. Did I find it hard to live in the moment while thinking so far fullandfearless_preciousmomentsahead?

It was a good question, and one that I hadn’t considered might get lost in the message. I replied thoughtfully – it’s a constant balance. I can look back and admit that when I lived in Arkansas I was so focused on moving to Chicago and my future that I didn’t fully soak up my last days at home. Moving to the city created a pendulum swing to the other extreme. I settled in and I shelved my dreams. But when I was walking down the street that day, I realized that there had to be a happy medium.

As I was mulling over that thought provoking conversation with my friend, it occurred to me that I find my balance best in photography – or really the lack thereof.

In January I traveled to Europe, and there were many times that I just…stopped. The friend I was traveling with would be taking photos and I would simply look on. I have a beautiful camera, but I found myself staring at these inspiring places, not wanting to take it out of my bag. I couldn’t bring myself to do the simple act of removing the lens cap. I didn’t want to miss the beauty of the moment by trying to capture it.fullandfearless_constantbalance

As much as I love photography, sometimes I want to be right where I am before I get behind the camera lens or phone screen. I need to fully enjoying every aspect of my surroundings. In that instant I don’t want to be distracted by trying to get the perfect angle or the most artistic shot. I need to take a minute to revel in how the light falls on the landscape, the way the sun feels on my face, and the smells and sounds around me. I want to take a picture with my eyes first, soaking In the moment the way no camera can. Sure, I may not remember every little detail later. But let’s be honest, with the most beautiful things in life no camera can either.

Living in the moment is a priceless and beautiful thing, but it’s something I tend to do too much or not enough of. The key is to enjoy it, but not camp out there. Eventually I must move on – to the next spot on the tour, the next booth at the market or the next piece of art at the museum. The same can be said for all precious moments in life. That’s why it’s a balance – a balance of pausing where you are, and then looking ahead to the next step in your journey. But the marvelous thing is that even when I’m looking ahead I can still carry the memories with me, because I chose to stop and bask in life’s precious moments.

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  1. kaniacoley says:

    So very true


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