Moving Forward: Overcoming My Greatest Fear


For some people it’s spiders, or snakes, or heights – for others it’s a little bit more odd. I once had a friend who was afraid of garbage bags. Yes, you read that right – garbage bags.

Regardless of what it is, we all have something. For a long time I didn’t know what I was afraid of. That’s until it snuck up on me. It was quiet at first; a negative thought here, a procrastinating attitude there. I let the fear slowly seep into my life until I was drowning in it.

I was afraid of failure.

I was afraid that anything I did wasn’t going to be good enough. Yes, I ‘d encountered a little bit of rejection, but who hasn’t? My fear was pretty unfounded. I have a loving and supportive family, great friends, encouraging co-workers. So where was this coming from?

I had started to listen to the lies of the world. I had allowed them to speak louder and louder into my life until that was all I could hear. That’s a destructive place to be. I had gotten to the point that I was so afraid of failure that I was stuck. I wasn’t pursuing my dreams. I wasn’t living the life I knew I was created for. Instead I was floating, just coasting along, not fulfilling my purpose or utilizing my talents because I was afraid of what others might think. What if they didn’t like me or what I had to say?

Finally I realized…I don’t really like me right now. I’m not fond of this person who’s sinking into fear and despair and choosing to dwell in it. She’s not fun. She’s not living. She’s not me! So I took a leap of faith. Then another. Then another. And I remembered what it felt like to take chances.

It was strange. It was scary.

But in a way I also felt much more secure. I couldn’t be in control, I had no idea what the end of the road looked like or where I was headed, and I never would be able to. But when I took a leap of faith and leaned into my relationship with God, I could be assured that at least one of us knew the outcome {hint: it wasn’t me}. The fear still lingered, but resting in faith kept the lies at bay. I reminded myself that God won’t let me fall. I might trip up a bit, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I’d get back up and try again.

I feel like many people struggle with this, either the fear of failure or the paralyzing effects of another type of fear. Don’t let it strangle you. Free yourself. Take your leap of faith forward.

My story isn’t over. Far from it actually.

You want to know a little secret? That part of my story isn’t entirely over. I’m often nervous that I’ll fail and internally cringe at the possibility. The difference? I’m committed to battling my fear every day rather than being paralyzed by it. I’m reminded that God may let me trip, but He’ll never let me fall, and that what He thinks of me is far more important than what anyone else has to say. So I’m moving forward and pursuing my dreams. I don’t want to live a life of “what-ifs”, but a life of “remember whens”.

What’s keeping you from moving forward? How can you silence the lies and take a leap of faith in your life?

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  1. Mommy says:

    Well that was a big leap of faith right there,into transparency.
    How brave, you are my hero!

    You are already AMAZING!!!!🙆


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