The 8 Friends You’ll Have in Your 20s

Today is a bit of a Throwback Thursday post.

The past week has been crazy, but it’s been my goal to prevent Full & Fearless from going by the wayside when things pick up. With no time to write, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to reach into the vault and dust off some buried treasures. I originally wrote this piece when I was 22. With my 26th birthday quickly approaching, it’s kind of fun to look back on how my younger self perceived the evolving landscape of adult friendships.

The original was as cringe worthy as that bowl haircut you had in 3rd grade, so a few minor edits were necessary. But don’t worry, the thoughts of a younger Kiara are still all here for your reading pleasure {as seen in number 5…oh sweet naive girl}. I hope you enjoy this blast from the past as much as I did.

Relationships change a lot after college as you and your friends try to navigate post-grad lives. New friendships will come and old ones will go, but there are eight types of friends that I believe you’re sure to have at some point in your twenties.

The Boss
This friend knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to work hard for it. She’s the first in the office in the morning and the last to leave. You need to make sure she pencils you in or it’ll be hard to get on her calendar. But, on the flipped, she’s great to have around because hearing about her accomplishments can be motivating.

The Mrs.
She met Mr. Right early and started her Happily Ever After. In the best-case scenario she’s the one you can go to for serious relationship advice. Worse case scenario is that this friend found her best friend in her husband and thinks that means she doesn’t need the girls anymore, especially the single girls. Having friends in different stages of life is so valuable, so work hard to keep in touch. If she doesn’t reciprocate you know you’ve done all you can.

The Party Girl
If you’re looking for a good time, she’s your go-to. This girl knows all the hot spots and she’s on a first name basis with the bartender. She’s always begging you to come out, so you know who to call if you wanna party. As you get closer to your 30s though, you may want to spend less time with this friend. No one wants to be that girl in their mid-30s. Not a good look.

The Lost
Unlike The Boss, this friend is a little confused. She hasn’t decided what she wants to be when she grows up because, well, she hasn’t grown up yet. This gal is a floater, going wherever it’s easy or something seems interesting for now; but you all know she won’t stay for long. Support and encourage her as she explores her options and tries to find her place in this big, wide world.

The Guy
Maybe you’re just friends, or maybe you’re not. People are always asking why you “don’t just date already,” but it’s because they just don’t understand your relationship. You know it would never work out, so you’re content chilling in the friend zone. This arrangement works great for you, that is until he finds his Mrs.

The Work Wife
In the post-grad world this lady is your lifesaver. She gets you. She’s a listening ear when you need to vent about your day, and she’s also a great person to chat about hobbies, goals and guys with. If you find one of these, consider yourself extremely lucky. There will be times when having this friend is the only thing that gets you through the day.

The Flake
“Let’s get together!” Every time you see her she wants to catch up. But when, and if, you actually plan a time to do something she ends up canceling on you last-minute. You can depend on her to be flaky, that’s about it. Next time she says she wants to get together, just say “sure” and know that it’s probably not going to happen.

The Bestie
Regardless of if you’re roomies or separated by hundreds of miles, nothing will come between you two. Even if it’s been awhile since you last caught up, when you’re together it’s as if time stood still and you’re picking up where you left off. As life changes there will be times when it’s hard to keep in touch, but keep working on it! Other relationships will come and go, but this one is a keeper.

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  1. Love this. Just read it. You are such a good writer. Keep bossing them out. Love u.


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