Summer in the City {and Beyond}

The months before my senior year in college I remember thinking, That’s it. Farewell carefree summer days. Turns out I was wrong. Despite the fact that the duties of adulthood still call {read: work, and her bestie: bills}, I managed to have a pretty stellar summer.

There were walks through the park, finding hidden natural gems in this concrete jungle. There were wedding celebrations, taking me to those I love in both Bentonville and Denver. There were baby smiles and chubby hands to hold. There were small town strolls and mile high hikes. There were excellent new restaurants to try with exceptional new friends. And there were sunsets – oh those sunsets. The most dazzling paintings on display, a captivating backdrop to our beautiful city.

I loved this summer, and I was sad to see it go. But all seasons fade into the next, and we’re left with wonderful pictures – both photographs and daydreams. I hope you enjoy mine.

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