Be Still

What’s next? This can’t be it.

Can it?

I’m not happy



There’s gotta be more. Better.

Maybe I need to be more. Better.

Maybe I need to do more…

Yes, that’s it. I just need to change a few things. Work a bit harder. Serve a bit more. Be a bit thinner. Dress a bit nicer.

Now I look the part. I’ve checked all the boxes. But still…

I don’t feel pretty


      good enough.

There’s gotta be more. Better.

Maybe I need to be more. Better.

Maybe I need to try harder…

Yes, that’s it. I need to really commit to this group. This relationship. This job. This diet.

Now I’m really digging in. I’m becoming a better version of me. But am I?

I only feel tired


     stressed out.

Why isn’t this working? I’m trying so hard.

I can’t do this. I can’t.

Oh God!


Oh, Father.


Be still.

But there’s so much to do, God. So many boxes to check and milestones to achieve and improvements to be made.

Be still. The only thing you need is to be is still, my child.

But what about my work? I have to do better. I have to commit. I have to put in the hours or I’ll never move forward.

I will fight for you, you need only be still.

But what about finding Mr. Right? If I don’t put myself out there, if I don’t look my best I’ll never meet him.

Wait patiently on me. My timing is perfect.

But what about my dreams? How will I ever fulfill them if I don’t make the big move now?

I love you, my child and I have wonderful plans for you. They’re coming.

Be still and know that I am God.

Your striving has left you weary


   heavy laden.

But remember my promises.

I will give you freedom



All you need to do is let me in. Trust me.

But God…

You can’t do this alone.

I can’t do this alone.

So give it to me, my love, and just

  be still.


*Inspired by Psalm 46:10, Exodus 14:14 and Psalm 37:7

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Minister L'Tanya Wilkerson says:

    Very nice Niecy! This is right on time for me right now!! Luv u & thank you for speaking this good word into my life right now!!!



    1. Thanks for sharing. That’s encouraging for me to hear. Love you!


  2. Rachel Clair says:

    Beautiful, Kiara. Hang in there. I love reading what you’re learning. Praying for you!


  3. Katie says:

    This has been my verse and motto for the past year. I need this reminder all of the time. Thanks for writing this!


    1. Me too! It’s such a good one. Thanks for reading!


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