The Promise Keeper

Waiting for anything is difficult – the bus, your takeout order, that friend who’s always late. It can truly test your patience. I’ve never been someone who’s especially good at waiting {particularly when I’m hungry} so I get it. But waiting for something you really want, something your heart and soul is longing for, something that only God can provide; now that’s a whole new test – that’s a test of faith.

One of my favorite “women of faith” stories in the Bible spans from Genesis 11 – 21. Sarah’s story is the ultimate test of faith. She and her husband Abraham longed for a child, and God promised she’d have one, but with each passing day, turned year, turned decade, her faith began to waver. She was getting older, her future as a mother seemed like it would never come to be, and she lost sight of God’s promises.

The thing that’s so easy to forget is that God is faithful even in the waiting. I’m constantly having to remind myself, or graciously being reminded, that his silence does not mean his absence. No, he’s constantly fulfilling his promises, but it’s harder to recall them when my eyes are fixed on the desires of my heart, rather than the Promise Keeper himself. In those times I have to shift my focus and remember:

He promises to bless us (Gen. 12:2)
He promises he is trustworthy (Ps. 22:4-5)
He promises to fight for us (Ex. 14:14)
He promises he is in control (Luke 12:22-26)
He promises to never leave us (Deut. 31:8)
He promises he is good (Matt. 7:11)

But what he doesn’t promise is that his timeline will align perfectly with mine,
Or that he’ll give me everything I ask for,
Or that it’ll be easy.

Nonetheless, we can rest assured that he will sustain us if we fix our eyes on him.

He’s not a hands-off God. He’s not standing back waiting for us to reach a certain level of perfection before he fulfills his promises. Just look at Sarah and Abraham. They continuously messed up, trying to do things on the own, but God still gave them the desires of their heart at the time he knew was best. And while they were waiting for a baby, he kept fulfilling the other, seemingly smaller, promises every day.

He was with them in the waiting and he’s with us in the waiting too.

We’ll all find ourselves in a holding pattern of some sort at some point. And that’s a tough place to be, there’s no way around it. But it’s often during those difficult times of waiting that our faith is undergoing the greatest transformation.

It’s then that we have to lean into his promises, fix our eyes on him and trust that he is faithful and he will fulfill his promises, in all areas of our lives.

This piece was adapted from the Fix Your Eyes devotional.

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  1. Rachel Clair says:

    Reblogged this on The Sunday Afternoon Blog and commented:
    I love this “extended” version!


    1. Thanks, friend! 😊


  2. mandacarpenter says:

    “But it’s often during those difficult times of waiting that our faith is undergoing the greatest transformation.” – PREACH

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    1. Girl, I’m preaching this to myself daily right now haha


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