Adventure Awaits

How is it possible that leaving the place I live makes me feel more at home?

The movement of travel stirs up a mixture of emotions – excitement, anticipation, wonder…and a pinch of anxiety. This cocktail is best sipped when a ticket has been purchased and the promise of adventure awaits.

Somehow, even with all the energy coursing through my veins, my pulse quickening and my mind aflutter with what’s to come, I feel my most settled. Grounded. Steady. I feel most…well…me.

Because in that moment I’m able to tap into a side of my being that too often lays dormant. The side that hungers for adventure and challenge and whimsy. The side that is carefree and jumps into new with reckless abandon. The side that thrives when pushed, that sees growth in the unfamiliar and uncomfortable. The side that feels free, unchained and unhindered. The side that feels made for this, called to it even.

I am keenly aware that these opportunities aren’t all Instagram worthy. But that’s not why I seek them out with such ferociousness. No, I’ve seen firsthand the results from pursuing the unknown, and that’s what I’m after.

I am bold and confident and strong and courageous and, sometimes, loud and unfiltered as a result of my travels. Of course other events have played a part, but ??? has yielded some of the most formative experiences.

The experience of saying yes to an opportunity, even when I knew it would require me to step out on my own. The experience of meeting people and making friends from all backgrounds and cultures. The experience of navigating a city with language barriers, getting lost and finding myself all alone. The eye opening experience that only unique and unfamiliar customs can afford.

Travel breathes new life into me.

Energized by possibility and simultaneously apprehensive of the unfamiliar, I continue to seek it out. Some may argue it’s a fool’s errand, but doing so opens up a vivacity that is otherwise untapped. A zest for life that only being on the brink of something new can provide.

Another adventure awaits.

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  1. lisa a says:

    I just figured out I could reply to your writings. I love reading your writings and always feel inspired and touched. Where are you headed ?



    1. Thanks, Lisa! I actually just got back from Australia. I started writing this piece before I left. Already dreaming of the next trip though 🙂


  2. Auntie Nio says:

    You served up a tasty ‘trip biscuit’ and now I want the full course. Love, love, love your writing skills and how you pack me in a bag and take me along!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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